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We’re excited to announce our upcoming new conditioning room with workout machines for all Members.  Conditioning Room expected to be live while marking our 2 years in business this March.  With that we will also have Member and Non-Member pricing coming to all court usage and rentals starting in March.  Any Courtside Sports Manteca sponsored acitivity will not require a monthly membership and we look forward to working with everyone looking to secure memberships for their rentals or their clients looking to join them on the courts as well.  That said, at Courtside Sports Manteca we look forward to providing you with excellent amenities while at the facility .  We even sell gift cards for the sports lovers in your life.

(Facility Usage & Future Workout Room)

$7/month per person

Courtside Facility Monthly Membership allows clients and athletes access to the facility at Member Pricing Levels.  While bringing clients onto any reserved court, each athlete or coach will also need to have their own Monthly Membership to be on the court or pay a $2 daily membership at the front door to have access to their court on top of any amount charged to reserve their court time.  Daily Memberships do not have access to future workout room.  All sponsored and ran activities by Courtside Sports Manteca, such as camps, clinics, training, leagues, tournaments, etc., do not require a membership to participate.

(Daily Facility Usage Only)

$2/day per person

on top of any court rental fee

Non-member daily usage only available for those wishing not to sign up for the reduced pricing Monthly Membership.  Daily non-member fees for court usage and rentals will be at the door and $2 collected for each client, coach, and or athlete using a court for their respective sport.  Daily usage Non-Members MAY NOT use the future workout room and daily non-member fees collected will be on top of any court rental or drop-in fees.   All sponsored and ran activities by Courtside Sports Manteca, such as camps, clinics, training, leagues, tournaments, etc., do not require a membership to participate.

(Coming in 2024)

$70/month per person

The Health & Fitness membership allows for 10 sessions of up to one hour of classes (per session) to any Health & Fitness classes offered at Courtside Sports Manteca facility.  Many future classes to choose from, including Yoga, Zumba, HIIT, TRX to other fitness classes offered during the day and some evening classes with a minimum number of participants needed to hold a class.   This membership will allow for priority registration dates over Drop-In members and will allow for reduced rates in registering for additional classes past the monthly 10 session allotment.  Become a member today and start taking full advantage of the health and fitness classes offered.

(Coming 2024)


$Pricing coming /month per person

Our Pickleball membership will allow for participation of designated time frames posted online and offered at Courtside Sports Manteca facility.  You can come in for each session and join the fun of others also using their Pickleball membership to compete with each other.  Up to 2 dedicated courts with the possibility of 4 additional available courts (customer supplied portable net systems) if not reserved for other sporting activities. Member athletes will have priority registration dates over Drop-In members.  Take advantage of this membership to increase your accessibility to Pickleball court time offered at Courtside Sports Manteca.

Drop-In  (Any AVAILABLE COURT w/ Restrictions)

$8/hr per person  - Members

$10/hr per person - Non-Members + $2 Daily Fee

Courtside Sports Manteca offers an affordable Drop-In rate if you are not ready to sign up for a monthly plan.  As a Drop-In member, you’ll get access to much more than just our open court time facilities. You’ll enjoy a wide range of sports amenities while making new friends throughout your training.

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